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In our articles we tried to answer the most common questions of our clients. We hope that these articles will be helpful in making a decision.

E-commerce site structure 
Internet plays more and more important role in our life. Now it is used not only as means of obtaining information and sending e-mail messages, it became a significant tool in doing business, in e-commerce particularly. more info >>

What to choose: web site template or custom development? 
In our time of rapid development and growth of Internet and Internet technologies more and more companies understand that presence of web site has beneficial influence on development of business. But which site will really bring benefits: based on template or custom developed? more info >>

Communication problems in outsourcing 
Offshore outsourcing is a very widespread direction in work of development companies (web development, web design, software development). Mainly development companies work in this direction with companies from all over the world and very often they encounter communication problems. more info >>

What stages does web site development consist of?
There are two parties which take part in web site development: customer - the owner of web site which should be developed, and the developer – development company. What stages does web site development consist of? What materials should customer provide? What customer development model should be? Who is responsible for what? more info >>

Outsourcing – to be or not to be?
“Diversify”, present day business gurus say. “Divide et imperia” (“divide and rule”), - Machiavelli appealed hundreds years ago. What should modern enterprises do in the time of globalization: should they do everything themselves or buy services from professional companies? Information technologies and programming. This very sphere is the number one in the amount of work done by third-party firms and workers. more info >>

How to create on-line catalog?
Your company (or your client’s company) wants to sell goods in the Internet. What should the on-line catalog look like? Should it be identical to the ordinary catalog of the company? Are there any differences, for example, between clothing catalog and gift catalog? more info >>

SEO: should you pay or grasp it yourself?
There occur lots of new resources in Internet everyday. These new resources compete with your web site. Less and less users visit your web site and decide that your web site needs optimization. How much does search engine optimization cost? Should you turn to professionals or should you accomplish optimization yourself? more info >>

7 simple rules of creating a text for a web site
One of the Internet gurus – Jacob Nielsen - in his book says that «the objective of visiting a web site is to get some certain information». The problem is that there are lots and lots of information and sites containing this information in the Internet. And sometimes it is really difficult to find the very information you need. more info >>

What is “semantic kernel of the site”?
It is known that the major objective of visiting sites in the Internet is the search for information. There are two ways of obtaining the necessary information: you can either enter URL address in the browser, or enter a query into information retrieval system and then choose the necessary site among suggested. The second way becomes more and more popular. more info >>

Do we really need Web Site Content Management System?
CMS is Content Management System. The aim and objectives of such systems is management, filling and editing of the information and graphics by the customer. Briefly, this is the system which gives an opportunity to change and add sections, edit site content, change graphics and design of the site and not to turn to professional help. more info >>

What is the difference between HTML, PHP, ASP or C#?
The main difference is that HTML is a tag language, which is used to describe the public part of the site. The language is quite simple and was firstly developed to present text information in the browser. Browsers till this day can only show HTML part of the site. more info >>

How to choose a web development company?
We suggest that before signing the contract of custom web site development you should make a brief description of you site. It is also very important to define the terms of work of your site. This will substantially influence the price. more info >>

Glossary of web terms
Imagine: you are talking to another person and do not understand even a half of the words he or she tells you although you are speaking the same language. I think everyone in his or her life has gone through this. The problem is that you do not know what all those words and terms related to some topic mean.  more info >>

Technical requirements for custom web site development
We think that everyone who deals with web site development for the first time has many questions concerning the rules of creating a web site. How to define technical requirements for a web site? What should these technical requirements include? We tried to answer these and some other questions in this article and hope that our recommendations will be helpful. more info >>

How to create a correct web site navigation menu?
We are sure that you, as an Internet user, have repeatedly noticed the following thing happen: when you get on a site and cannot find the information you need or do not understand the site structure and do not know where to go, you do not use this site for a long time trying to understand where to go and where to look for the necessary information. You just go and search information on another site. Question arises: How to create a correct site navigation which is simple and clear for the users? After all, the end result (whether the user finds the information he needs or not; whether he achieves his goal or not) directly depends on navigation system, on its thought-out elements and whether the system is clear to users. more info >>