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Frequently asked questions

1. Questions on partnership

How can I become your partner?
Our partners are companies and entrepreneurs. If you want to become our partner, send us e-mail with a partnership request.

What will I get from partnership with Development for the Masses?
You will able to:

  • Grow (enlarge your services list without expanding the infrastructure: you will not have to buy computers, hire designers and programmers);
  • Get competitive advantage in the market;
  • Increase your profit;
  • Hire sales-managers.

What will you give to my clients?
High-quality solutions, new services.

Do you provide your partners with marketing documents and templates for work?
Yes, we provide our partners with documents which will help them in work with clients. For example, for their work on web projects our partners get such documents as:

  • company survey;
  • logo survey;
  • web-site survey;
  • web-site design;
  • web-site navigation and modules;
  • web-site catalog description.

2. Questions on cost of services

How do you calculate the project cost?
We use “Time&Material” scheme, in which specialist work hour rate is multiplied by the work hours.

What if the project budget is already defined? Can you work within the bounds of budget?
Yes, we can work according to this scheme in case the project requirements are not changed.

How much do your custom software (or web site) development services cost?
Our hour rate is highly competitive in the European market.

3. Questions on Content Managment System (CMS)

What CMS do you use?
We use our own CMS. We included into it all facilities and modules which are usually necessary for our clients. Our CMS is easily modified, does not require path setting or any other components.

You do not use open-source, for example, Joomla CMS. Why?
We cannot guarantee security and stability of such systems. Our developers are not limited by one system bounds and can think freely which lets them find individual solutions for our clients.

How should I know how qualitative your CMS is?
Our partners' and clients' sites work on the basis of our CMS. Quality of our system allowed us to set 1 year ForteCMS guarantee support. This means that we fix all errors in the system functioning at our own expense.

How does your CMS work?
Our CMS works as a simple web-site. Site administrator enters the admin part of the site using login and password.

How much does your CMS cost?
Common solution costs €550–€1 450. This is one-time payment.