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Partnership details

Development for the Masses is always open for cooperation and ready to consider any proposal which will allow our clients to get goods and services of better quality. Today our company has partnership relations with several companies offering custom software development services. Our partners get high-quality technical solutions at reasonable prices, which allows them to raise their competitive power in the market.

Services Partner, if your clients need our services, but you do not have specialists with such skills. We guarantee fixed hour rate of custom software/web development services. Partner, in his turn, should guarantee fixed amount of work every month. Partner works with clients; we are the developers. In this variant we can offer our clients services of your company.

Solutions Partner, if our ready solutions are right for your clients and you would like to sell them under your brand. We provide:

You, depending on the volume of sales, get a discount. You work with clients; we develop.

Business partner with start-up projects, if you have an idea of a project which, you believe, can be very prosperous and profitable, but the development is too expensive. You want to venture, but spend less for development. In this case we will consider variants of cooperation, agree on volumes of participation in the project development, risks and profit of both sides.

Representative of Development for the Masses, if you would like to act as an intermediary between clients and our company. You find clients, give us their contact information and receive the payment.

The listed variants are not the only possible and we would be glad to listen to your suggestions.

Contact us today for a price quote or a project estimate or give a call at: +7 (3822) 44-10-73.