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General policy

Pricing Policy
The project price depends on different factors such as level of complexity of suggested custom software solution, necessity of buying extra software, etc. Usually some solutions, for example, in case of business web site development can be realized on software-based libraries. The use of our libraries will reduce the cost of your projects.

Payment schedule is agreed individually, though we'd like to stick to the following:

  • first deposit: 30% of project total cost;
  • next payment: 40% of project total cost on project test version release;
  • balance payment: 30% of project total cost on project release.

Cost of priority job is 30% higher than regular scheduled job cost. Urgent job cost is 50% higher than regular scheduled job cost. Emergency job cost is 100% higher than regular scheduled job cost.

Intellectual Property
We remain the owners of our solutions such as web site content management tool, project management, etc. Development for the masses will remain free to distribute, commercialize, or make available such enhancements or modifications in any manner it chooses.

Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy right. We will use the information you give to perform your orders concerning our products and services, to answer your request, to give you the necessary information on services or products.

If you are interested in our products or services, we can use the information about you and your company to inform you of new products or services. 

Development for the Masses guarantees the safety of the information. All the data on your projects budget, your client lists will be published only after your approval.