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Adex Project Management
Project Management System is a system designed for communication between the Customer and Outsourcing Company Manager. It is enough to have Internet access and a browser to work with the system.
Price: - 499, euro

Corporate ForteCMS
Content Management System ForteCMS allows creating web sites with a unique design and minimum programming expenditures. This system has a high degree of hacker protection to compare with lots of free CMS. One of the ForteCMS advantages is a simple and clear interface — instruction will last no longer than one hour.
Price: - 499, euro

e-commerce ForteCMS
E-shop for the company to sell its products or services. Every site has unique design and personal Content Management System. E-commerce ForteCMS is activated very quickly and a Customer receives a ready-to-work shop.
Price: - 1499, euro

Our products have been already successfully applied in such business areas as:
Tourism  Commerce  Financing  Power Industry  Consulting  Education  DVD-rental  Restaurant Business
Non Profit Organizations  Public Management  Manufacturing  Book-keeping  more...

Management in the:  Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, USA and Russia.