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Custom web-site development

Although there are many companies today offering different common solutions in the market, we are convinced that only custom web site development is truly efficient.

Under common solutions we understand all kinds of templates and ready-made scripts; everything, where you can just put the logotype and name of your company.

Cycle of custom web site development:

  • client’s tasks and requirements analysis;
  • company’s field of activity analysis;
  • analysis of business process which will be represented at the site;
  • choice of technology, for example, PHP, .NET;
  • web-site template development; 
  • web-site content management system development;
  • testing;
  • deployment on hosting-server;
  • web-site support;
  • SEO and advertisement.


MySQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ForteCMS, .NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft® SQL Server, specialized library of ASP.NET components and classes (developed by Development for the Masses)

Our products have been already successfully applied in such business areas as:

Tourism, Commerce, Financing, Power Industry, Consulting, Education, DVD-rental, Restaurant Business, Non-profit Organizations, Public Management, Manufacturing, Book-keeping, more...

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