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Development model

We practice individual approach to every project and every customer. Thorough planning, extensive experience of team work, responsibility for every decision made help us in effective implementation of all customer requirements.

Close communication with a customer at an initial project stage is aimed at accurate definition of project timeframe, cost and future system extensions. Counting on long-term partnership we allow for possible rotation, project modifications and add-ons. We split a project into development phases with full report on the job made given at the end of each phase for project stability, better control and timeliness of corrections or modifications if they are necessary.

The project phase starts with definition of customer objectives, requirements and wishes for every project phase and accurate documenting of every detail defined. Immediately after that thorough tasks planning is performed, deadlines and project costs are calculated. We also find it useful to put down some themes for additional discussion for further project stages. Clear responsibilities distribution within the team, realistic estimation of our own capabilities allow giving project estimate to hour.

Our customers can follow and control development progress all through the project course. Job done is uploaded on our test server so the customer can timely adjust work flow when necessary.

Full service on project maintenance including personnel training if required is rendered on a contract basis after project completion. If you need ideas on further project expansion — we can help you with that also.

Project Stages/Workflow

Business proposal and contract negotiation
A phase of project objectives and requirements analysis → Functionality and architecture definition → Choice of technological solution → Preliminary project budget estimate → Requirements specification documentation approval → Contract agreement and signing.

Project design and planning
Basic project phases and milestones definition → System design and project documentation development → Functional Design → System interface prototyping.

Test version
Project source code creation — continuous in-house testing Test version build

Project testing
Complete project testing.

User documentation development
User documentation is provided in hard copy or electronic format according to contract terms.

Project testing by the customer
The customer has access to a test project version and can perform all desired tests to make sure all agreed requirements are implemented.

Project release
A project is considered completed if all contract terms are met and the system satisfies all the requirements set by the customers and defined at business proposal and project design stages are met. On release, a project is handed over to the customer.

Project support
System support terms depend on project complexity and contract terms and can make from 1 to 6 months of project release date.

Our experience shows that change of requirements to a future system in the course of a project is not that rare. We understand our customers and think that it is normal, but in case new requirements set change the core idea of a system we keep our right to shift project deadlines and update estimates through negotiation of an additional contract.